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Where is the deepest water well in Ottawa?

Ottawa has a wide array of water supply wells ranging in depth, recovery rate and construction method. Some are quite literally overflowing and others barely have a drop of water. We wanted to find the deepest one in the entire city. Can you guess where it is? If you’re curious like we are good news, we’ve done the digging (or shall we say drilling).

Ottawa's Geography

Let’s start with the geography of Ottawa. Being a valley we are generally pretty safe to assume that we’d find deeper wells at higher elevations.The highest elevation in the city of Ottawa is in the rural west end at 166 meters above sea level. With this in mind however, our search did include the entirety of city boundaries. You never know what you might find!

Ontario Well Records

Well records come into play next. We use our expertise as well technicians to scour the Ontario Ministry of Environment well record archive. These records go back decades. Unfortunately, older wells commonly lack records as rules requiring them after well construction were not strongly enforced until the last few decades. We managed to eliminate a few false hits through Ottawa that contained typos and incorrect measurement units.

The Deepest Recorded Water Well

Now it’s time for a drum roll! We can announce the deepest well in Ottawa on record as being located in Ottawa’s west end off March Rd. Only a few kilometers away from the highest point in the city, the well is between the crossroads of Highway 417 and Bearhill Road. This well was an existing well that was deepened in 2018 in an attempt to gain more flow. Even after going to 1000ft in depth, the well still only produced less than 3 gallons per minute. After completing a yield test the well driller recommended setting the pump in the well at 400+ feet below the ground. 


The deepest well in Ottawa

Want to know more about your well?

Knowing a well’s depth, static water level and recovery is very important, especially if you’re
considering buying a new home. PV Well Water offers a variety of inspection packages from
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