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Water Softeners
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PV Well Water Services offers new water softener sales, installations and repairs in rural Ottawa.

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New Water Softener Installation

Need a water softener installed in Carleton Place, Embrun or anywhere in between?

Many factors go into selecting the right water softener for your home. Hardness, Ph, iron, flow rate, discharge, etc.

Luckily our team of expert technicians is here to help you select the right water softener for your home.

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Well water testing in Ottawa

Water Testing

Water testing is an important part of selecting a water softener.

PV Well Water services offers in-depth water consultations. We start with a water test before inspecting your current systems and discussing any water related concerns with you.This allows us to pair you up with the perfect system for your needs.

Water Softener Repairs & Maintenance

Need a water softener serviced? Whether you live in Pakenham, Kemptville, Vars or Dunrobin or anywhere inbetween, schedule your next Clack or Fleck softener service with PV.

Our team of water treatment specialists have decades of experience serving water softeners across rural ottawa and can help with annual maintenance or unforeseen equipment problems.

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We do! Contact us today to schedule a free in home water consultation with one of our specialists. They’ll test your water, inspect and existing equipment and discuss your well water concerns with you.

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Water softeners remove hardness from your well water. They do with via an ion exchange where calcium and magnesium ions which make up hardness are trapped in a resin bed. Sodium ion are then used during backwash to clean out the resin bed before the unit is put back into service.

Nope. A water softener that is functioning correctly will not lead to salty tasting water.

We provide water softener sales, installation and repairs to Ottawa and the surrounding rural areas including:

  • West Carleton (Carp, Dunrobin, Kinburn, Constance Bay, Kanata)
  • Rideau-Jock (Richmond, Manotick, Ashton, Munster, North Gower, Kars)
  • Lanark (Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills, Pakenham, Almonte)
  • Renfrew (Arnprior, Braeside, McNab, White Lake)
  • Osgoode (Greely, Metcalfe, Ficko)
  • North Grenville (Kemptville, South Gower)
  • Cumberland (Navan, Sarsfield, Vars)


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Salt free treatment units for hard water are actually just water conditioners. They can help to reduce the scaling associated with hard water however they don’t actually softener your water. As they don’t actually softener water, we don’t sell them to remove hardness.

There are many ways to spot hard water in your home. You may notice that your plumbing fixtures have a crusty white build up or white spots on your dishes after you wash them. Hard water will also feel harsher and provide less lathering of soap.

Our team has all the tools and knowlege required to test your existing equipment and let you know how effectively it’s treating your water. Schedule an appointment today if you’d like your system inspected.

Our team would be happy to provide you with a custom quote for a system that would fit your needs. Contact us today to find out more!

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