Pressure tank installation by PV Well Water near Greely, Ontario.
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We keep water flowing in rural Ottawa with a team of licensed well technicians, water treatment specialists and plumbers.

Common Pressure Tank Issues

A pressure tank is a critical part of most well water systems. While there are a few different types, the most common are by far bladder tanks. These can be made of fiberglass or steel with a rubber bladder inside. One side of the rubber bladder holds a pressurized air charge while the other side holds well water. A bad pressure tank can lead to serious problems.

Where to find the Date Code?

A pressure tank with a compromised bladder can lead to the air charge emptying from the tank with water taking its place. This is what we call a “Waterlogged” tank. When this happens the smooth drawdown of water between pump cycles becomes abrupt and violent leaking to rapid cycling of the pump. Think of it like flicking a light switch over and over again. This is bad for the pump motor and can cause premature well pump failure.

Water Pressure Issues

Waterlogged pressure tanks can also lead to low and fluctuating water pressure. “Drawdown” is when the well pump is off and the pressure tank is providing water pressure. When the tank is waterlogged or the air charge is low, the drawdown phase will be much shorter than it should be, causing fluctuating water pressure or just low sluggish pressure.

Flood Hazard

Nobody wants to end up with a flooded basement. Old tanks, especially in damp locations may become rusty and corroded. This can lead to failures of the tank itself or associated piping. Some small leaks go unnoticed and develop slowly over time causing little damage while others are catastrophic failures that lead to major flooding and no water services to your home.

Need a New Pressure Tank?

We stock Well-Rite series pressure tanks manufactured by Flexcon Industries. They’re our trusted tank thanks to their rugged reliability and comprehensive manufacturer warranty. You can expect years of reliable service from your pressure tank installed by our licensed well technicians. Would you like to have a professional inspect your system? Contact us today!

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