Why are we disinfecting your well?

The Ministry of Environment requires us to disinfect any well we work on following a “construction” activity. This includes changing a well pump. More information can be found in Regulation 903.

Can I use my water during disinfection?

You cannot use any water during the disinfection period. You may use the water again once the chlorine is removed from the well. The disinfection period is 12-24 hours.

Should I get my water tested for bacteria?

We recommend getting your water tested for bacteria by public health before drinking it following any well construction activity. Another test should be carried out a month or so following the initial test.

How do you disinfect the well?

We first calculate how much chlorine is required to dose the well to Ministry of Environment required levels. Then we add the chlorine to the well and circulate using the well pump to make sure there is chlorine in all the water in the well. The chlorine then needs to sit for 12-24 hours to disinfect the well and equipment in it. We then check for a residual amount of chlorine. If the residual reading is good we pump the remaining chlorine from the well. If the residual levels are bad we must start the process over again.

What if I have no other source of water?

If you have no other source of water and your pump failed unexpectedly there is an exemption to the full disinfection process.

How do I know when there is no more chlorine?

We will use test strips to ensure that there is no more chlorine residual in the water. If the exception applies to you make sure to pump the water until you no longer smell chlorine before using it. We will also leave you some test strips to double check that there is no more chlorine in the water.

What causes bad residual levels?

If the remaining chlorine gets used up treating the well we may find there is no residual reading. Factors such as high iron can cause the chlorine to be used up before the disinfection period ends.

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