PV Well Water Test Kit

Water Test Instructions

Free well water testing kit for Rural Ottawa & The Valley.

Video instructions coming soon!

Fill Your Bottle

Run your water for a few minutes to ensure it’s a fresh sample.  Fill the bottle until it overflows before returning the cap, drying it off and placing in the box. 

To sample raw water fill the bottle before any existing treatment equipment or to test existing treatment equipment fill it at a treated faucet in the home. Or grab another bottle and do both!

PV plumbing water

Return Your Bottle

Please return your bottle within 3 days.

You can return it to the business where you picked it up or directly to us at 3831 Carp Road.

We have a box outfront labeled test bottle drop off.

There is no need to refrigerate the water after filling the bottle. 



Get Your Results

We’ll contact you as soon as possible after reciving and testing your water sample with the results. We can also recommend well water solutions if you require any. 

Commercial well water softener installation.

Have a question about your well water?

At PV Well Water Services we keep the water flowing. 

If you’re looking for pumps, pressure or treatment don’t hesitate to contact us for solutions.