Well Technician Installs a Submersible Well Pump in Rural Ottawa

Well Pump Conversion

Convert your shallow or deep well jet pump into a submersible pump system for increased pressure, decreased noise and higher reliability.

Upgrading to a Submersible Pump

Submersible well water pumps have many benefits over older deep well jet pump systems. A submersible pump is self priming as it’s submerged in water down the well. This means you also don’t hear it running in your basement like a jet pump. A submersible pumps design also allows for higher water pressure to be delivered.

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Well technician installs pitless adapter in Ottawa.
A well technician completes a weld for a well extension during a pump conversion in rural Ottawa.

Extending the Well Casing

Many older deep well jet pump systems run of wells that are buried underground. Regulation 903. required that well heads now be brought a minimum of 40 centimeters above ground level and sealed with a vermin proof well cap. This means that if your converting your jet pump to a submersible pump you may also be required to extend your well casing.

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A submersible pump repair in rural Ottawa, Ontario.

Upgrade to a Submersible Well Pump.

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